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With 40 Plus Years As A Musician, Composer And Producer While Also Carving Out A Distinguished Career As A Creative Director, Strategist And Conceptualist In The Advertising And Marketing Industry. One Of Evangelos’s Latest Projects He Is Sharing With The World Is The Album ‘Going Home’ From The ‘Infinite Odyssey’.


As An Artist Who Creates Music, What Inspires You?

My gifts and faith in them, giving rise to gratitude. My name – Evangelos and the necessity to raise a voice for those things contrary to SPIRIT….to communicate. Community not society. My inspiration ultimately comes from SPIRIT, it’s shown to me – I just need to listen, observe, trust, then manifest. Observation – I’m a words and images person, music is the vehicle making it all accessible to others, while the natural & human journey provide anything else I require.

How Did Infinite Odyssey Come To Fruition?

After tragically losing a life partner to a form of brain cancer, I was completely devastated but it was the spark which lit my path to a global sojourn, the music and the unfolding creation of Infinite Odyssey.

Do You Have A Daily Routine Or Personal Rituals?

Being kind to myself, prayer, coffee, work and constantly working towards that while observing the wholesome nature of life.

Beloved Quotes?

Do Unto Other As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Physician, Heal Thyself

Those Who Waste Their Life Will Probably Waste Yours …If You Allow Them

The World Is Full Of Unrewarded Talent

Hell Is Full Of People Who Couldn’t Forgive Themselves

What Lessons Have You Faced And Overcome Along Your Business Journey?

The same as in life, a brutal lesson in faith.

Learning that being different is not wrong…it’s just different and to not constantly test what I’ve been given.

I don’t need to justify myself to those who can’t ‘see’ me, proselytizing serves no purpose.

Enforcing boundaries and being aware of my value, all I have to sell is my time, be wise with it.

Know the difference between cost and value.

Know when to walk away.

Your Role Models And Or Mentors?

Mentoring doesn’t always present via a friend, we can be taught the invaluable by strangers and those who might seek to harm us but having said that…

Jesus Christ and My Parents

Which Personality Traits Do You Admire In Others?

A high EQ, the capacity to laugh and to forgive, awareness of themselves and their impact on others.

Those who can put the common good before self interest with a respect for life and reverence of place.


What Is Your Dream Vacation Destination?

THE MOMENT – Geography is irrelevant, it’s never about the place, it’s about the people or lack there of.

Your Most Desirable Dinner Guests?

My life partner, my three children – Savvas, Dimitri & Irini, my mother and my brother.

What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

The most impactful advice was “You’re running out of time” from my life partner.

Favourite Restaurant?

My kitchen, preparing and offering food is an act of love and communion.

Name 5 Songs From Your iTunes Library?

 San ta marmara tis polis – a song about Constantinople of ‘hope out of suffering’ from my ancestral roots

Ohio – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Gimmee Shelter – Rolling Stones

Our Day will Come – Ruby and the Romantics

Here’s to Life – Shirley Horn

Something You Have Learnt Recently?

Listen to and trust that soft still voice.

Live more from the heart and less from the intellect – my head takes good care of itself without interference from me.

Is Your Glass Half Full?

Why would I desire a glass when I’ve been given a boundless ocean? It is from this ocean that I invite others to drink deeply.

To know more about Infinite Odyssey and listen to the Going Home Album from the Evangelos Project click here or visit