2 x 60 Inch Length 6 Inch Wide Cedar Planks

48 x Bronze Finish 1 Inch Nails

1 x Lead Pencil

1 x Measuring Tape

1 x Palm Sander

Hand Saw Or Drop Saw And Or Table Saw



Cut 1 Plank Into 4 Pieces x 15 Inch Length Boards With A Hand Or Drop Saw

Cut 1 Plank Into 2 x 16.5 Inch Length x 3 Inch Wide Boards With 45 Degree Mitered Corner Ends,

2 x 23 Inch Length x 3 Inch Wide Boards,

2 x 25.5 Inch Length x 3 Inch Wide Boards With 45 Degree Mitered Corner Ends


Line Up 4 x 15 Inches Long Boards

Measure And Mark For Nailing

Measure And Draw With A Lead Pencil A Sraight Line Across

Mark For The Nails On Each Board At Intervals Of Your Choice

My Nails Are At 3 Inch From Each End And At 1 Inch From Either Side

Place 2 x 23 Inch Boards Underneath As The Picture Below And The Nail From The Top


Arrange The Side Boards Around The Exterior With The Finished Edge Facing Up

Mark A Straight Line And Measured Intervals For Nails

the-elegant-luxe-life-bottom-tray-nailed-top-view-adding sides

Nail The Top And Bottom Boards First Then The Side Boards


Remove The Lead Pencil Lines With A Regular Easer


Lightly Sand The Corners And Edges Of The Tray With The Palm Sander Taking Care Not To Remove The Bronze Finish From The Nail Heads