Amanda Denton of Ebb and Flow Hot Yoga

“We spend Christmas Eve at our home after making a fire in the fireplace we relax and watch a Christmas movie. The kids are still so young they go to bed early while we prepare for Santa’s arrival, on Christmas Day we open all presents in the morning and spend time relaxing together playing with our new gifts. Our family is close by so we all gather to share Christmas dinner.”


Marina Capitelli

“In my family we celebrate on Christmas Eve. The entire extended family gets together for a big dinner and then, with full bellies, we hang out until midnight to wait and open our presents. Sometimes we just open the presents early!”


Dr Debra Bath PhD

“Christmas is a special but difficult time for us as a small family, with several important people not with us; our children Lillienne and Finn, and our Mother and Grandmother Zelda. We hold them close, through photos on the Christmas tree, and in the playing of music to both remember, mourn and celebrate them”.



Nana Pat

“One of the ways I love to celebrate Christmas is to decorate the Christmas tree, especially with ornaments that are meaningful to myself and my family. My husband Ray, was known in our area as “The Bird Man”as he loved all the birds and even put up a real Christmas tree on our deck each winter, to provide them with shelter from the cold winds, he put suet in the branches and some lights too. Ray kept the bird feeders full all winter, and even put a large heated water bowl out so they could have a warm drink.”


Michael Pallotta

“We spend the Christmas Holidays at our family cottage on Lake Dalrymple, on Christmas Eve is a wonderful seafood dinner by the fire where we spend family time together. Christmas Day is our traditional gift exchange then a day of rest and reflection.”

Carmen Shawn

“I celebrate chirstmas with my family every year. As the years go on things change but no matter what, we spend time together on Christmas day. Traditionally we have breakfast and open gifts still to this day. After that now that we are all grown up, we may end up in other places for dinner but we always open gifts together!”

Rick from Church and State Vineyards

“One hobby that I love is ‘Trains’ and since there are no more trains even close to me here, I make an annual trip up to Sicamous or Chase, British Columbia every Christmas. It is about a four drive each way to view a very special train weather permitting, the CPR Holiday Train which stops across Canada. It supports food banks and although there is no admission to see the train, they ask for a donation towards the local food banks to help others in need. I usually take a few bags of groceries with me and enjoy the live music and the best decorated train one can see either in the daytime or in the evening is best.”