Time For Music


“Music Is The Art Of Thinking With Sound” Jules Lombarieu


Experts Agree That Music Is The Universal Language And For Children Music Provides Many Benefits

  1. Boosts Brain Power and Improves Memory

  2. Builds Confidence and Helps With Social Interaction

  3. Develops Discipline and Teaches Patience

  4. Helps Form Self Expression and Fosters Creative Thinking

  5. Enhances Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

  6. Encourages Constant Learning and A Sense Of Achievement

Try These Petite And Sweet But Sturdy Instruments To Start Off Their Musical Journey…….

Beaver Creek ULINA Ukelele – Royal Academy Of Arts And Education

Hape Drum With Drum Sticks – Mastermind Toys

Jax Tambourine And Xylophone – Jax Toys